If even a silly news reporting paper like Fox News can publish something bad about Google “Google is the New Evil Empire” then you might want to think again about the stuff you do on the web.

I am writing this post as to provide a work-around solution for some of you who haven’t been paying much attention to this rapidly changing digital world that we are all living in.

But first the back story. Google is the largest manufacturer of servers in the world. Yup, the biggest. It builds its own to populate the 24 massive data centers that it has scattered around the world. It builds its own because they are all highly specialized machines that serve three basic functions: search, store, and analytics. These machines are all hived in massive pods (think 10,000 powerful machines working as one super machine) and are interconnected by both hardware and software that Google also makes.

So for the record. Google is not a Cisco shop. It is not a Linux shop. It is not a Microsoft shop. Everything is designed and built in house, hence, everything is proprietary. Recent estimates (Google has been close-lipped since 2009) puts their server population now somewhere significantly north of 10 million.

Back story, search. Their new and improved search engine was where they made their bones. To invent search is where they first deconstructed the entire WWW and then meticulously analyzed each and every webpage, how those webpages were linked (aka interrelated), and how we human beings used them.

Mapping the Adware piece to the search engine – no mean feat in itself as that was probably the most genius piece of advertizing gotcha since the ‘Got Milk?’ campaign – was the company’s turning point, profit wise. Until Google solved how to really make money on the web – big money – it was largely considered a mostly intractable problem.

But Analytics is where Google finally knitted everything together: the search stuff, how your searches are related to you, and then the deductive piece to where they can pretty much predict our next move. Taken all together to where they now effectively know just about all there is to know about each and everyone of us. Their shit is all so powerfully serious that by comparison, the NSA (hearing Snowden) is still tramping around in the technological equivalent of the Bronze Age. I am totally serious about this.

Read “In The Plex: How Google Thinks, Works, and Shapes Our Lives,” a 2011 book by the American technology reporter Steven Levy. And Levy’s intent was not to paint Google as evil but rather to report on the specifics of what Google did and how they did it. It was an absolutely fascinating read.

So the work around to Google being all up in your shit is simply this. Use VMWare Player to create a virtual machine. And keep Google everything off of this virtual machine (VM). And then create and use a new identity on this VM.

For example, just who is the Mexican Sandal Guy anyway? This is not a hard thing to find out. And I truly don’t care if you do. What I do care about is the fact that my real name isn’t scattered all over the web. I find that if I do a Google search on myself that there are literally hundreds of people with my name. I like that anonymity.(And no, obviously I don’t have a Facebook page).

And this isn’t about having anything to hide, as I certainly don’t. This is about privacy. There are absolutely zero harmless reasons to where Google needs to know anything about me at all; let alone everything. In fact from my point of view, Google should only be there for me to handle my web transactions. And anything Google learns along the way about me should go the way of a digital paper shredder.

But that ain’t how it’s working out my friends.

Be safe out there.