I deleted the acerbic (read, nasty) bit that I posted last night and decided this morning to post something more civil to state that sahara sandals will no longer offer a retail opportunity to purchase our sandals from us online.


Three reasons.

First, Trying to build and sell quality sandals on a onesy-twosy basis in a direct to the customer retail operation has become such a major pain in the ass that I am sick to death of trying anymore.

For example, take the case of fat women with fat feet. Why in the world would someone with abnormal sized feet buy a pair of sandals online? As in something they couldn’t try on first to see if they fit? And then want to return them? I can’t deal with that anymore. And it’s more common than you might think.

Dea's foot

Ankles like a Clydesdale horse.

Second, We are not generating enough sales volume to keep my people even part-time busy so now my home support base has been eroding.

Third – and most importantly – these sandals were something that I wanted to share. And I thought that there were a certain spectrum of consumers who would identify with our quality products. Indestructible recycled airplane tire soles double lock stitched onto quality leather uppers? What’s not to like about that?

But it appears that I was wrong. For the record, I never intended to get into the retail sandal business. I just wanted to make some beautiful sandals. Which is something I am still going to continue to do.

So we’re still open for business. But only wholesale (and at wholesale prices).