Take a break – however momentary – and unplug yourself from the ever present noise of modern culture. From time to time we all owe it to ourselves to do something completely different like feed our minds and bodies with new flavors and new ideas.

For example, try having another look at Magritte’s paintings. If you’re like me you might find some startling little pieces of insight that have been whimsically spun into one of his surrealistic objects of art.


I am especially fond of ‘This is not a pipe’.

this is not a pipe

(Of course it’s not a pipe! It’s a jpeg image. Of a painting. Of a pipe. And just how playful is that?).

PS – While Jimi Hendrix was quite possibly the greatest guitarist of all time, he generally suffered as a lyricist. However I consider his singularly splendid and dismissive lyric “If six turned out to be nine. I don’t mind…” to be one of those profound exceptions.

PPS – I had a drink yesterday with my friend, Pancho at his cantina. He poured Herradura’s latest limited offering of their reserva which had been finished its final two months in vintage port casks. It was without a doubt one of the finest and most unusual tequilas I have ever tasted. It had notes of dark chocolate. Imagine that! The combined flavors of chocolate and tequila. It was like getting a double whammy dose of two of the most elemental flavors of Mexico.