All the bags shown are made from quality leathers. All hand cut and hand stitched; soft, supple and durable.

V-shaped small tote

V-shaped small tote

Each bag is lined with a very soft pigskin and contains one zippered pocket large enough for a cell phone.

Leather bag with woven leather straps.

Medium bag with woven straps

Large tote

Large tote with 2 external pockets

We made these bags from some leather skins that I bought in Leon last month. With a 450 year old tradition of leather tanning, Leon still produces some of the finest leathers in all of the Americas.

PS – We might not be changing the bag design world in any discernible way but we are dropping the price point to that of affordability. Great leather. Hand quality. And for what I’ve shown – more or less you are looking at $150 USD retail price per bag.

PPS – Your expensive electronics might reach EOL in 18 months. So how about buying a bag that lasts a lifetime? For 1/4 the price?