“I am disappointed in you for believing what appears to be the obvious. And I am angry with myself for leading you to that conclusion.”    California  4-20-94

“Even the soundest of arguments are silenced by the word, ‘no’.”    California  5-06-94

“One of the most beautiful things about starting over is that you get to throw so many things away.”    California – North Carolina  6-03-99

“One of the single most things I find attractive about the sport of running is that there is nothing that you can buy that will make you a better runner. It’s not a lifestyle that one can buy with anything other than sweat or sore muscles.”    North Carolina  3-24-06

“Living in a [large American] city at some point one realizes that a gunshot wound is no further than a small misunderstanding away.”    Washington, DC  Spring 2006

“Liberals are moral cowards. Embracing everything. Defending nothing.”    Washington, DC  8-05-07

“The comforts of a modern society shelter us from the existential challenges we need to define ourselves.”    Washington, DC   5-15-07

“No one can ever argue with correct behavior.”    Mexico  2012