The key article was ‘Engineering Shortage Persists: India still holds sway in software‘.

My original comment was centered around the byline of the article, that India was the place to open engineering centers – specifically software development centers – because of the huge salary differential between them and places like the EU or US.

A common thread that runs through many of these articles are sub-discussions about the state of the engineering profession itself. And so I said something to the effect that if I was beginning a technology career in this early part of the 21st century it would be in the bio-sciences and not electrical engineering.

Someone replied to my comment suggesting that bio-science people had job security issues like everyone else.

My reply to that was “In my opinion, there is one single significant difference between the career paths of present day electrical engineering and the biological sciences. And that is one of commoditization. Electrical engineers these days have been relegated to being no more than a hot-swappable, border indifferent commodity. This hasn’t happened yet with bio-technology.”

PS – I still admire engineering as a discipline but not so much as a career.