This is the best tequila made by Herradura and is also quite possibly one of the best – if not the best tequila to ever come out of Mexico.

I bought this particular bottle to share with my daughter. I wanted her to experience a truly exceptional spirit in the form of a very rare and exceptionally crafted tequila. This particular añejo is a blend containing ultra añejos; some aged for up to 49 months in American White Oak barrels. Then this tequila was clarified – a process totally new to me – which means (I think) that it was somehow redistilled to remove the color – transforming it from an amber color to platinum – as well as introducing an unprecedented level of smoothness.

herradura ultra

This tequila is wonderfully special because it actually has discernible hints of caramel and chocolate; flavors found in no other tequilas that I’ve ever tasted.  It is so positively delicious that it will make you rethink anything that you ever thought you knew about tequila.

PS – This bottle will continue to sit unopened in my cupboard until my daughter’s next visit to Mexico.