This evening I wandered down to see my old friend, Pancho at his cantina, had a couple of drinks, and engaged him in a tequila discussion. The most notable of notes was that while he agreed that Herradura Ultra was a great tequila he smiled and went on to say that ‘it was a ladies tequila.’

He was totally spot on – kind of.

To aficionados and traditionalists, Herradura Blanco represents the total tequila taste experience. But that is old school; meaning you have to have experience and understand the ‘perlas’ that comes from the purest expression of tequila distillation.

But he agreed that if you approached the tequila flavor argument as something like one would when discussing old Port or Armagnac then one could quite say that the new Herradura Ultra is a truly excellent tequila; and quite possibly the finest.


Old school rules. And I am totally onboard that Herradura Blanco is the tequila by which all other tequilas are measured.

However, Herradura Blanco is a strong tequila so it’s not for everyone. The Ultra on the other hand is a game changer. It’s an experience that will make you rethink your college days of salt, lime, and puking.