I just finished this bag this morning. This is one of the few leather products that I have produced where I personally did 98% of the work.


The process is quite straightforward. Cut a leather hide into a bunch of long, skinny strips. Weave the strips together.  And then selectively sew and trim it out so the structural elements bind without altering the aesthetic.

It is simple and crude much like adobe, although even my European designer classically trained friend, Ericka agrees that it is beautiful. I am glad she thinks so because I’ll never make another one like it. Too much work for such a small item.

It is the sort of thing you make once; both for love and for the discovery process. But not something you necessarily want to do again.

Note: Unlike a lot of conventional bags, the strap doesn’t merely attach to the top of the bag. No. The three vertical strips that comprise the strap are all something like six feet long and follow the entire circumference of the bag and as such are the three center most strips of the bottom of the bag as well. That was for strength as well as being part of the whole discovery – can I do it – thing.

PS – Oh yeah, and it’s unique. I made the design on the fly. No one here in Mexico has made a similar bag. It is one integrated bag comprised of interlocking strips of leather. Unprecedented.