After a lengthy, relentlessness, and comprehensive taste testing I have come to agree with my friend, Pancho that Herradura Blanco is the best tequila in all of Mexico.


Yes, there are more expensive tequilas. And there are more sophisticated tequilas being produced; witness the emergence of the luxury market branded ultra-anejos.

But Herradura Blanco remains the purest expression of the tequila distillation process. Straight from the still, nothing added; it weighs in at a rather robust 46% alcohol by volume.

Siete Leguas Blanco – quality and flavor wise, probably the closest contender to Herradura’s Blanco – weighs in at a more svete 40%.

Most tequilas fall into the 35%-38% range.

But obviously it isn’t about the alcohol content that makes Herradura Blanco the best. It’s that clean pure flavor of the agave that shines through.

Accept No Substitutes.