I think you might agree that this is the best unisex tote yet. It’s taken something like 5 previous prototypes to get there but I believe Sahara Sandals has finally produced a bag that is contemporary in design, utilitarian, and just the right size for day to day use.

14″H X 16″W X 5.5″D

It has one outside snap pocket and the bag is zippered at the top with a durable nylon liner and features an inside zippered pocket as well. And the leather was tanned using an environmentally friendly natural vegetable process. This one is going to be my carry on bag for my upcoming Las Vegas trip.

PS – Bags are a tough thing for men. In fact most of us tried to avoid them right up until the widespread proliferation of electronica made that unfeasible. Today I guarantee you that most men own at least five bags and hates every single one of them. Because each and every one of them are flawed in some fundamental way. They are either the wrong style, the wrong size, too feminine, made out of wrong material, have a crappy strap, and/or are just too embarrassing to carry.

This has been pissing me off for a very long time.

I mean why can’t a guy carry a classic leather bag that doesn’t look like a ladies handbag? For me there are just two solutions: either a satchel with a long strap or a tote with short straps. But whichever way, the bag has got to be masculine; right down to the finish of the leather to the cut and shape of the bag. Even the straps – from the width to length ratio – has got to be right.

In the end, there has to be an ineffable saddle quality to the bag. Without that particular aesthetic a guy really doesn’t have much left to work with. Like, a briefcase maybe? They were maybe fine back in the day when the average professional man commuted with mostly papers of the printed or typed variety. But a briefcase doesn’t address the rapid and frequent accessibility issues that come with cellphones, tablets, laptops, thumbdrives, cables, and whatnot. So that mostly leaves backpacks. But sadly backpacks clash with business attire and are truthfully something only students can really carry off.