I just got the Windows 10 update for my old Lenovo S10e netbook and I have to say three things: first, the update was painless and second, it’s running very nicely on this old unit, and third, Windows 10 looks and feels a lot like Win 7.

My netbook has just the minimum required specs to run Windows 10 so I was more than just a little concerned. We’re talking about a 5 1/2 year old machine that was shipped running Windows XP Pro.

I was sweating it last April when I upgraded it to Windows 7 Pro – 32 bit, that was when Microsoft dropped support for XP; concerned then that it wouldn’t have the horsepower to support that more modern OS (but it did just fine). I mean the machine is so old it has the first-gen Intel Atom processor in it and just a scant 2 GB of RAM.

Anyway, all my old apps – I’ve only tested the critical ones so far – are running nicely and the Windows 10 interface has the familiar look and feel of Win 7 therefore I didn’t have to spend any time at all feeling my way through the user interface. It was operationally painless from the start.

Compare that to not so many months ago when I test drove one of the Windows 8/8.1 machines. I thought, “Has Microsoft lost their mind?” The UI felt so uncomfortably foreign that I could never have conceived of actually buying one of them.

Windows 10 is different. But in a good way.