I chose to leave the USA for the time being and spend some time in Mexico for several different reasons that will become apparent to you if you decide to follow my story.

Conventionally, I am a 59 year old recently retired electrical engineer who discovered three years ago that my interests in running and sandal-making had finally overtaken his career interests.

Twenty years of frugal living made the transition easy. In 30 days time I went from living on Capitol Hill to stepping onto an airplane bound for Mexico City. And I’ve never looked back.


Cusco, Peru – 1999 Los Ninos Hotel

I am not rich but I am financially independent. My needs are very simple: shelter, good food, books to read, a place to write, a place to run, and a couple of beers to drink at the end of the day.

This blog started out to be a primarily a lifestyle blog where the lifestyle that is covered in these posts was to be mostly about trying to find a better life through using less stuff and being more creative. But the blog ended up being something else.

I still strongly believe that we all need to be more adept at creating our own content – in such being our own entertainers – mindlessly consuming other people’s content is both intellectual and spiritual suicide. And that we need to learn to make more with less; both as a society and as individuals; always mindful of the economics, carefully calculating the respective value propositions.

And I am still aware that perhaps the only personal vote that matters any more is how we spend our money because what we buy is what we support; however tacit.

But over the last few months the blog has taken on a life of its own and now I just kind of write about things that interest me.

And Mexico has great food, good people, cheap rent, year-around running, and lots (and lots) of optimism; this is the land of MexiCANs.


Questions/Comments? Email me at mexsandalguy@gmail.com