I brought a pair of sandals back from Oregon that I had purchased in Italy 3 years ago to show my guys here in Sahuayo that we don’t just compete with the Italians in the art of sandal-making but we can beat them too. (And forget about that mass-produced crap made in Asia).

Here is my sandal lying next to its Italian brother:


The finish and quality of leather is quite comparable.

But turn them over and it’s a different story:Image

The Italian sandal (bottom) has a leather bottom which you have to purposely scratch up or they’re so slippery that you fall on your ass.

All of our handmade sahara sandals®, including this model, are double-lock stitched onto recycled airplane tire for comfort and durability.

Weight: Identical – both of these size 10s weigh 230 gms each

Price: The Italian sandals cost 80€. Our sandals will retail for substantially less in both the United States and Europe.

Comfort: You’ll have to take my word for it until you buy a pair, but there is no comparison. You can walk in ours all day while the others are as stiff as a board.

Durability: No comparison. My daughter, Sarah wore through the heels of her Italian’s in less than 3 months time (and it cost USD $32 to put new heels on them). I’ve got a pair of my model Colombianos that I’ve been wearing everyday for 15 months and they’re still going strong.

You decide but know that I will put my sandals up against any.

I’ll say it again, we make the best sandals in the world.